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story fam

Friday, August 29, 2008

Open House

Last night I attended the kindergarten, first grade, and fourth grade open houses at Metcalf. It was a shining moment for me!! The teachers were all very complementary about the girls. Fiona is settling right into the kindergarten routine-Ms. Hatch noted that no matter where she sits she has a friend-I think that was code for yes she is a talker:) Mrs. Wutz commented on how funny and passionate Ella is. It was wonderful to hear that Ella is a good friend to all of her fellow classmates. Peris is doing well too. Her teacher, Mrs. Irvin, commented that Peris is a good reader and an excellent friend. I was one proud Mommy!!!
Today we had to take Michael to a doctor visit. He is uncomfortable when he goes to the bathroom (I told him he could NOT go to school and tell his classmates that his penis hurts). He doesn't have a UTI but is going on an antibiotic for some inflammation-no I will not go into detail here. I was so happy to hear him BEG to go to school when we were done. When we walked into his class, all of his peers cheered and said Michael is here! I thought I was going to cry. His assistant, Mrs. Corbley, said that she was worried about Mike. It is "fantastic Friday"-their big reward day and he has EARNED a treat as he has had NO checks for the ENTIRE week!!! Now that ladies and gentleman is a wonderful thing!!! To see him walk in that room and to watch his face light up was priceless.
I think these were reminders that we all need to thank the adults that help to mold and shape our children as they are growing. Teachers play such an important part in the development of our children!! A good teacher does instill more than a love of learning in their students-we are witnesses to what these women are doing by loving our kids. I can see self esteem on the rise, trust being built and expectations being met. Don't I sound like an ad for the National Education Association??
Next time you see a teacher...give 'em a hug and say thank you!!!!!


Anonymous Drifter said...

You must be a very proud Mom and happy to see your children doing so well. I agree teachers are a very important part of our children's lives. My brother was a teacher for most of his career until he became the principal of a high school.Teachers carry a great deal of responsibiltiy.

Kelsey said...

oh my kara:]

when i read this it made me so happy!
iim glad all my little cousins are doing good. i miss and think about them alot! i love you all!!

love you! kelsey