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story fam

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Fun

Today marks the official end of summer and I'm not sure if I am ready for it to be over. I am such a summer Mom!! I love the relaxed pace, the hot days, the pool, long evenings, grilling out, and lightening bugs. We went to the pool last night for our last hurrah-the kids had a great time. Fiona went down the "fast" waterslide alone!!
This afternoon we celebrated the holiday with a cookout at Dad's. It was fun; the kids swam in the blow up pool, ran around the property, and took slow rides on the gator. I had an appetite and totally enjoyed a brat, bean salad, chex mix, and a massive slice of carrot cake-plus a regular Dr. Pepper.
As the evening started, there was a beautiful breeze and the setting sun was a brilliant hot pink. We watched it go down on our drive home-absolutely remarkable.
Tomorrow it is back to the grind.

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Anonymous Drifter said...

So glad to know you're feeling better.