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story fam

Monday, May 28, 2012

Milk (yes they were) Duds

So I am not ashamed to share that I love candy-I mean I LOVE IT!!  I love it so much that I regularly buy it and then hide the goodies so I don't have to share with my little peeps.  This transition to "real" food is just as hard for me as it is for the under 12 set!!  In preparation for the revolution, I have cut back to purchasing NO candy and have the occasional treat (Emmy did have Grove Street Bakery cookies for her birthday mid-May).

Last night I decided that we would each have one "last supper", if you will, and I bought each of the kids a box of candy for our family movie.  Before you judge or "tsk" me, I did not tie this purchase into our impending food revolution.  In my mind I will admit that I was thinking-better enjoy it, cause this is it my friends-but my yes was a simple yes you may. 

I chose to eat one entire box of Milk Duds (my personal favorite).  I sat in the chair and after one handfull started to feel not so very special.  My stomach literally felt....well....icky.  In true I have no self control style, I proceeded to eat the entire box and after about 20 minutes felt nauseated and jittery-hello sugar high.  I then tried to go to sleep and felt completely ill.  I woke up at 3:30 this morning after tossing and turning and did not get a good nights sleep.  Now at 6:45, I am still dealing with a stomach that feels crummy. 

Is all this possible from one box of candy?  Yes, I do believe it is.  I have not had sugary crap for almost one month.  I am convinced that there truly is something to cutting out the junk.  What interests me is that as I laid in bed during the night, I started to think about other times where I gorged on candy at bedtime while reading or watching t.v. and clearly remember feeling this same way.  Hmmmm.... 

Reality lesson learned. 

P.S.-While I pigged out and paid for it, my youngest peep threw her box (half full) in to the garbage.  My son saved some of his as did my eldest.  It was interesting to hear my son say, "Mom I feel full.  I'm not eating all of this!!".  Last night I should've taken a cue from the kids!!!!

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