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story fam

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Breakfast week 3 (adding lunches too)

It is the last week of school around here, so I will be adding in official lunches starting on Thursday.  I have decided that as we ease into this new eating plan, I will be doing really simple meals and snacks before branching out.  Keeping it easy will help me stay on track.  Who needs one more thing to do that causes stress-right?

Also want to share-the whole wheat banana pancake recipe is also AWESOME plain.  I made those for breakfast yesterday and they were a huge hit!!!!! 

  • Breakfast - Pumpkin bread (new recipe that I will actually follow)
  • Breakfast - Fruit smoothie, hard boiled eggs, toast
  • Breakfast - Whole wheat waffles (if I can find a good waffle iron) or pancakes
Thursday *Last day of school*:
  • Breakfast - Scrambled eggs, whole wheat biscuits (still haven't made this), fruit
  • Lunch - peanut butter/apple-wiches, air popped popcorn
  • Breakfast - Banana bread, yogurt
  • Lunch - Grilled cheese on whole wheat bread, veggies, fruit
  • Breakfast - Whole wheat french toast
  • Lunch - Granola, yogurt, veggies and fruit
  • Breakfast - Smoothie (would like to try adding something green in-we'll see how that goes)
  • Lunch - shop from the fridge and freezer (there is A LOT of miscellaneous stuff I've found in the freezer and I want it gone!!  Frozen chicken, beef, etc.).
Next week I am going to add in all snacks and lunches.  Because of how the calendar falls, I will start our official Food Revolution on Friday June first (I am such a nut-it bugs me that it isn't on a Monday!!!).  This is the day that all rules will be followed for 30 days.  Again I will add the disclaimer that if we are attending a party/cook out/etc. I will not be bringing, or sending, food.  We will anticipate treats being present and make the best food choices available.  My goal isn't to deprive-my goal is to realign our eating habits so that we all (adults included here) want to feed our bodies good food-hey, I've been known to eat an entire sleeve of girl scout cookies in my time!!!!

Sometime this week I will also share how our grocery dollar is spent around here.  We have used a cash envelope system for years that is awesome-I want to share how this isn't costing us as much as I thought it would so that you are encouraged too.  Healthy eating has a reputation for this high price tag and while it is a bit more costly, it isn't breaking our bank.  I suppose this is where I also need to share that I am not going 100% organic.  I've had a few questions about this,  so I apologize for not clarifying that at the start. When we really roll with this I will define what our family considers "real" and I understand that we may not agree.  To be perfectly honest, there is no way that we can afford to feed 7 people 100%  organic food.  That would be financially impossible. 

I am still open to ANY snack and/or lunch ideas that you would like to share!!!  Please leave your ideas here or on Facebook.

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