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story fam

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Breakfast-week 3 and such

This week is extra busy for our family, but at this time of the year, who isn't?!?  My menu is largely the same as weeks prior.  I do want to note that I did not get around to making the whole wheat biscuits last week or the whole wheat waffles-imagine my frustration when I went to make the batter and realized that I had thrown out the waffle irons-ARGH!!  I am also going to include my second mini-lution for this week-it's pretty good!!

Monday -  Emmy's Birthday Breakfast *Scrambled eggs, bacon, whole wheat toast with jelly*

Tuesday -  Whole wheat muffins with apples, yogurt, fruit

Wednesday -  Breakfast bites (recipe can be found at

Thursday -  Banana pancakes

Friday -  Fruit smoothies, toast, fruit

Saturday -  Derek's french toast

Sunday -  Hard boiled eggs, fruit, toast

These easy recipes work and reusing them is really smart.  The kids don't mind and it keeps things simple and efficient!!

*Mini-lution 2*
This week for my mini-lution, I am going to continue offering the 2 fresh fruits and I am going to add the offering of 2 fresh veggies at snack, lunch, and dinner.  I purchased a pre-cut mix of carrots/broccoli/cauliflower at Sams for $4.98 and have started leaving a bowl out on the table.  I also purchased mushrooms, multi-colored peppers, a cucumber, and more celery to rotate on the table.  As I wrote over the weekend, the chips are gone baby-the choices are quickly becoming healthier. 

As I was reflecting on these changes with my Mom tonight at dinner, I felt very satisfied with how things are progressing.  I will admit that there is NO way we could have done this cold turkey!!!  I would encourage anyone who wants to cut out processed foods to take baby steps when making changes as the nutritional gatekeeper.  Breakfast was the easiest starting point for me, but maybe there is a different meal time that would work better for you.  Find what works for you and plug in better food choices for your family.   

And for what it's worth, our food dollar is honestly going farther.  Each month I start out with $800 in cash for groceries and it goes quickly.  As of today, I still have approximately $250 left for the remainder of the month which for us is awesome!!!  Over the weekend (I took a pic of our Aldi score) I spend $20 at Aldi, $26 at Walmart, and $59 at Sams (the $13 pure maple syrup killed it!!).  So for $105 I got our groceries for the week.  I know that when I started this my biggest worry was cost.  I truthfully am finding that it is easy to find good food that won't break the bank. 

Here is to a fantastic week!!! 

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