story fam

story fam

Friday, September 5, 2008


I don't know how school mornings at your house go, but this is a typical morning at our house:
5:15am Mom wakes up, has a cup of coffee
6:00am Mom wakes Dad up for a shower
6:30am Mom wakes kids up for the 1st time
6:45am Mom wakes kids up for the 2nd time
6:50am Mom gets breakfast ready for 4 kids,
hoping that child #5 will sleep in
7:05am Dad helps Mom get 4 kids dressed, brush their teeth/hair, get socks and shoes on
7:15am Mom/Dad ask Ella if she has done the above tasks as she as what we refer to as ADOP- this would be A-attention D-deficit O-"Oh" P-"Pretty". If you are unfamiliar with
this diagnosis, it typically affects young, blond girls who tend to have difficulties getting
ready in the morning (well really at any time of the day).
7:20am Dad gets his thermos and heads towards the door; realizes that he has
forgotten something, the girls follow him back upstairs and become involved with
a new task
7:30am Dad, Peris, Ella, and Fiona leave
7:35am Mike complains that the bus is late
7:40am Mike leaves
And if Mommy is lucky, Emmy sleeps until 8am and she gets a second cup of coffee before being required to make one more breakfast. Yes all of this activity before 8am-is there any doubt why we are exhausted before the day even begins??


Anonymous Drifter said...

That is a hectic schedule. It's amazing that you can get all that accomplished while not feeling well.

Mom to Five said...

I could win an Oscar for my morning performances!!!