story fam

story fam

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Anniversary Party

The crew ready to party!
Aunt Christine, Emmy, and Uncle Tim

Uncle Tim, Mike, Peris and Fiona doing the YMCA for the crowd

Grandma Pat and Michael share a dance

PaPa and Peris share a dance

Daddy, Peris, and Fiona boogie

The anniversary couple celebrating 25 years together

Uncle Tim and Avery

Peris and cousin Addison

Fiona and Great Grandma Donhardt

Aunt Jeni and Berlyn

Michael and cousin Addison

Tonight was a fun night. Everyone had a great time dancing and eating good desserts. We had to leave when Michael announced that he was going to get sick-no, he did not vomit on the way home!!! It's hard to believe how much life has changed in 25 years-we've all grown up and many of us have started our own families...of course I win with the most kids!! It is really neat to see how far we have all come. I am married to Derek (5 kids); Tom is married to Anita (2 kids); Dave is living in Chicago with Carrie; Tim is married to Christine; Jenni is living close to us and is a wonderful Aunt; Jason is a ladies man-who knows who he is with ..we sure can't keep track!!; and Jessica is married to Neil (1 sweet baby). So Dad and Pat have the 7 of us and 8 grandchildren with more to follow I am sure!!!

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