story fam

story fam

Monday, September 8, 2008

The Party

Emmy fishing for her pebble
Peris and her duck

Fiona and her elephant

Ella and her 'LilKinz pony

Michael and his bat "Blood"

Emmy and her goldfish

Waiting in line for entrance into the Webkinz party

What an awesome time at the Webkinz party! On entry, the lady at the door gave each child a ticket that allowed them to play 3 games and get their buy one get one free Webkinz. At the first game you picked a pebble out of a bucket and won either a FREE Webkinz or a Webkinz trading card album (see photo of Emmy at the top). Emmy and Peris each won a Webkinz while Michael, Ella, and Fiona won the album. Then they got to each guess how many jelly beans were in the jar. The last game was a spin on the Wheel of Wow where they each won another super prize!! Michael won a free 'LilKinz, Fiona won clothing, Emmy won trading cards, Ella won a Webkinz as did Peris. At checkout each child received a free Webkinz with their purchase! Yes, we left with PLENTY of Webkinz yesterday and very happy kids!!
I do also have to brag (hey I am a Mom). I was so proud to hear my kids saying thank you for the items that they received. Even when they didn't all win the free Webkinz they were thankful. That made my day very special!!

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Anonymous Drifter said...

What a wonderful experience for the kids (parents too)!