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story fam

Monday, January 23, 2012

Menu Monday-January 23

Well last week worked out so nicely that I thought I would try again. Now this week wasn't as easy because I was out of town at a dance competition and had to make my meal plan on the fly. Again my goal was to use as much food from my pantry as possible. Here is what I came up with:


Chicken tenders
green beans
fresh cantaloupe

All of these items were already in the house-whoopee!!


Taco Tuesday
2 lbs ground beef*
fiesta blend cheese*
sour cream*
black beans
soft shell tortillas*

*-items that had to be purchased; this is (approximately) a $12 meal for the 7 of us


Green beans
fresh pineapple

all meal items were here


"gondola" sandwiches*
Gondola sweet bread
assorted lunch meats/cheese
fresh fruit

*will have to buy bread-3 loaves $7


Frozen pizza*
cold carrots with dip*


Left overs

Small group
-we are the dessert so I will be making a coffee cake or cupcakes with boxed mix that I have

Our grocery bill for the week was $78. Not bad for a family of 7!!! I just know I could slash it even further if I could just get rid of convenience items for lunches!! I spend so much money on chips (baked), fruit snacks, etc. I wish I was diligent about buying more fruits and veggies!!

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