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story fam

Monday, January 16, 2012

Menu Monday (Pantry Challenge) January 17th

Well I did our first week of the pantry challenge and noticed a tremendous drop in my weekly grocery bill!!! Here is what I came up with (items in bold I pulled out of cabinets/pantry):

Ham sandwiches on mini rolls
Green Beans
Fresh fruit

Total cost of meal: 99cents for a fresh pineapple (Aldi has them on sale this week!)

We have an out of town volleyball game this evening and have to leave immediately after school, so this night is a bust!! I am going to deduct our dinner out from grocery money. We will be dining on:
Fruit cups
As you can see the cost will only be for the sandwiches which will be about $10!

Spaghetti with sauce
Bread and butter
Green beans (can you tell I had plenty of beans socked away!)
Canned mandarin oranges

Shells from cupboard
Meat, cheese, sour cream purchased
Total: $10

Frozen pizza


What kills me every week are prepackaged snacks, breakfast items (bagels, cereal, frozen pancakes, waffles), and things for lunch. We don't do hot lunch so we need a variety of things for all 5 kids to take 5 days each week. I am running out of lunchtime creativity!!!!

This week I did also purchase yogurt, chicken strips, and milk.

Our grocery budget was under $100 which is pretty awesome for a family of 7!!!!

I will be doing the same thing next week!!! Stay tuned for more adventures from shopping in the pantry:)

I haven't done this in awhile, but I'm headed over to link up at to check out some new possibilites for meals!!!

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