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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Birthday Fun

Groovy birthday cupcakes

Happy early birthday FVS!!!

Birthday season has officially started in our neck of the woods. Miss F's celebration marks the first birthday bash of the year. In order to be more responsible with our spending, we chose to change things up a bit. In the past we set a birthday budget that included enough to cover a "friend" party, a "family" party, treats, and of course the birthday presents. While we weren't spending excessively, it did seem like the budget continued to grow and grow to the point where we felt a bit overwhelmed by the end of our birthday season which falls in October. What to do?

Thankfully our almost 9 year old set the tone herself!! She loves to bake and asked if she could bake, ice, and decorate her birthday treats for her party-the cost of our cupcakes: $4 which includes the icing. I spend $6 at TJ Maxx or the "groovy party" themed cupcake liners and party picks that you see in the photo. Her response to preparing the treats-priceless!!! She also decided to take her "bestie" to see the Lorax and come home for a special pizza party-the cost of that will be about $35 max.

But beyond this nice budget, I have to admit that what I admire most about this lovely little girl is her attitude when it comes to her birthday gift. Quite frankly, she wants nothing. She is so incredibly thoughtful that she almost struggles to think of things to just get. When asked, her response is, "well I don't need anything because I have everything I want". I love shopping for her because anything that she gets she enjoys-and she enjoys her gift with a wholehearted love that makes it truly fun to buy for her!!

So overall we have found that we can cut our budget down to about $75 for her entire birthday extravaganza-not bad in my opinion. She has already celebrated a joint birthday party with her Grandma Choo Choo and her cupcakes went over with great success!!!!

What a fun day!!

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