story fam

story fam

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Bucket List 2012

Our new bucket list for 2012 has been written. As we've done in the past, our crew sits down for a family meeting to create family activities that we would like to do at some point during the new year. We have two rules: 1) Everyone has to participate, and this year 2) All activities must be free. Here is our list:

Peris: One announced "screen" day

Michael: Star Wars Movie Marathon

Ella: A dance party

Fiona: Harry Potter Movie Marathon

Emmy: Build a blanket fort and hold a reading club inside

Derek: A long bike ride with a picnic

Kara: A "tour" of 3 parks (my choice) in one day

Bonus activities: *A tree tour with the Dean of Green
*Strawberry picking

This is always such a cool list because we get to do these things as a family which I love.

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