story fam

story fam

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Christmas "Expandable"

My Christmas Expandable

I've had a few friends ask me about my "cash only" Christmas budget system so here it is.

1. Purchase a coupon holder with several pockets. I purchased mine at Target for about $6. It is like an expandable.

2. Label each pocket with the categories that you budget for. As you can see above, a few of my categories are: cards/postage, tree, ornaments, decorations, kids, parents, etc.

3. Put budgeted cash in each pocket

You are ready to get your shopping on!!!!

I love this handy little expandable because it is small enough to carry in my purse, and it is a really easy way to save all of your holiday receipts!!! Mine even has a small pocket in the front that holds things like a pen and post it notes.

It is a holiday must have for me!!!!

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