story fam

story fam

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Big Reveal

Way back in September we decided to take a surprise vacation to Gulf Shores, Alabama. We weren't sure how we would keep it a secret, but we knew that we had to get the kids and our stuff into the van without them knowing. In October we wrote "Big recycle day" up on our white board and the complaints started immediately!! Boring...that stinks...what?!? Were all the comments we heard. This past Saturday we loaded up big plastic tubs full of "recycling" (our clothes) and headed out. As we got going, we started handing back items that we "found" underneath my seat (thank you Amy and Debbie for this super awesome idea!!!). Flip flops were first, followed by a swim suit top, towel, and sunscreen. The kids were just NOT getting it!!! Once we realized that they were not picking up on the beach theme we handed back a coke can with flip flops, and finally an add that showed the word vacation. That was the give away-Ella figured it out first and the kids went nuts-it was just the reaction we were hoping for!! Needless to say it was the best surprise EVER!!!!

Our first stop in Indiana. A great beginning to our Thanksgiving vacation!!!

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