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story fam

Monday, April 30, 2012

It's time-Breakfast Revolution Week 1

The shopping is done and I am ready to roll!!  I went to do my weekly grocery shopping and I am happy to report that even with the addition of new grocery items such as : whole wheat flower, coconut oil (did you know that this comes in a jar-because man, I didn't!), 100% pure maple syrup (at $7 for a teeny jar may I just say that this will be a treat now!!) and a lot of fruit my grocery bill (including meat) came to approximately $190 for the seven of us. 

So here is my menu plan for our first week of the Breakfast Revolution:

                 Let me note here that I made this recipe today and have already eaten 2 big pancakes!! I am
                 almost hoping that the kids don't like them because they are SO good-and I ate them plain!!!

Wednesday   Strawberry Smoothies  with Whole Wheat Toast  (

Thursday     Whole Wheat Muffin addding unsweetened applesauce and cinnamon  (

Friday      Scrambled eggs and whole wheat toast (I am going to try to get to Great Harvest this week to
                purchase the Honey Wheat bread that only has 3 ingredients!!  If not then we will use what we
                have for this week!)

Saturday   Whole Wheat French Toast with 100% Maple Syrup

Sunday      Left over pancakes/muffins with Pineapple Smoothie Pops (Using smoothie recipe above) and/or
                  boiled eggs

So as you can see this is pretty easy.  My challenge will be making the muffins ahead of time-which I plan on doing tomorrow.  The pancakes honestly weren't hard once I got going-I'm not the best pancake maker to be truthful.  I'll share as the week goes on what the likes and dislikes are/were.  Trust me-something on this menu will be a no go!!!!!


Lade/Armstrong Family said...

YUM!! I'm so glad I know where you live now so that I can "just happen to drop in" for breakfast! The only thing is that I don't know what time you eat!

Sounds like a great week of delicious breakfasts for you all!

Love ya!

Mom to Five said...

Hey, you are welcome to come over any time!!!!!