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story fam

Saturday, April 28, 2012

It's coming!!

June 1st is getting closer and closer!!  I am sticking to my food revolution-for 30 days we are going to cut out all processed food/white sugar in our home.  Now I realize that this is going to be hard.  The kids are used to eating packaged snacks (granola bars, crackers, and quite frankly cookies) and I am used to making easy items for breakfast (frozen waffles-even if they are labeled "multi-grain" I know they aren't healthy-and frozen pancakes).  This is going to take a lot of planning on my part, but I am determined to make this change for our family!!!

In lieu of the big change, starting May 1st (yes that is in 3 days) I am transitioning to "real food" breakfast items only.  I am going to hit the store on Monday in order to be ready on Tuesday to begin.  I have an awesome (and actually pretty easy) menu for the week that will give me some flexibility as I am also working every morning.

It's going to be a fun challenge but I know that it is going to be well worth it!!!!!


Lisa Zimmer said...

That's so awesome, Kara! I can't wait to read your recipe ideas:) Our family eliminated all process foods, carbs, etc - we did this 7 weeks ago and it's been a huge success! Whole foods only!

Health problems have improved, allergies have disappeared and everyone has more energy and our cabinets are empty except for nuts and some organic broths! The family is so much happier and healthier. We cut out sugar back in October 2011 and no one has been sick with colds, etc ever since!

Good Luck to you and the family! It's gonna be great!

RobFather said...

Kara - We actually eat clean about 90% of the time with our three children. Bread and sandwich meats are the few items we've compromised on for their school lunches but beyond that and some organic granola bars we are fairly clean eaters. It can be done! They even eat veggies and look for apples for snacks. At least one meal a week we eat non-clean like pizza.

Rob G

Mom to Five said...

Thank you for your comments!! I am so hopeful that we will become healthier!! Rob I am so fortunate that Tiffany shared so many ideas that you do-you are right!! She needs to create her own blog!! I appreciate the tips!!