story fam

story fam

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Metcalf Montage

Our table decoration
Jenni, me, Julie, and Beni

The King and Queen of Hearts
(Mr. and Mrs. Shook)

I love Ms. Wilder!!

We had so much fun!!!

Members of the Gamma Phi Circus performing
What a lovely evening! Metcalf's Montage, "An Affair of the Heart", was a huge success!! The BCPA was absolutely transformed into the most elegant space. The tables were beautifully decorated (see our top photo) and the room was lit up in red and soft white lights (see the back of the photo with the girls). On each side were the silent auction items and across the front were the live auction items-small canvasses that were mounted together by class. I am proud to say that Mrs. Gordon's class (whose artwork I held during the auction) brought in just over $600!! We were entertained with performances by the Gamma Phi Circus, a comedienne/magician, and an Impromptu group from ISU. There was also beautiful music and a delicious meal from Biaggi's.
We had an awesome time with our table mates-the Blum's, Mendez's, and the Kawakita's. We were later joined by the Giganti's during the live auction. It was fun to mingle with other Metcalf families and staff.
My favorite part of the night was winning the silent auction for the "Crazy Cooking Class" provided by two cool chicks..i.e Ms. Hatch and Mrs. Nevius. We can't wait to redeem this prize!! We also went in with two other families and won a live auction item-a pizza and pool party for 25 kids with the Administration.
I will say that there is something so special about the Metcalf community. It is unlike any other place that I have ever been.
We are keeping our fingers crossed that next year we will be able to say that all of our children are blessed to be a part of this community.
It is such a great place and we love it.
Rebecca you did a phenomenal job-thank you for a wonderful evening.

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