story fam

story fam

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Adelie Penguin

Ella and her Adelie penguin + the infamous penguin hat

The penguin hat made by Tripper's REALLY cool grandma!!

The Adelie penguin model
"Mom, this is a water bottle filled with water to make it stationary-that means so it won't tip over."~direct quote from Ella Claire

Second grade is all about the penguin. This year Ella chose the Adelie penguin and spent weeks doing research-she did ALL of the work!! Ella is uber intelligent (I'm still not sure where she got the genius genes) and really enjoyed this unit!! On Friday she wore her penguin hat out to the van with pride-as a matter of fact she is still wearing it this morning (it's now Sunday) and held up her penguin model as if it were an Olympic trophy!!
Nothing is better than seeing her with that proud smile.

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