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story fam

Friday, November 6, 2009


I've heard the talk already-you know those people who have purchased each and every Christmas gift, have them wrapped and ready to ship. I've heard the countdown to Christmas in weeks, hours, and minutes. But what has really been on my mind is this: Christmas, and all of the weeks leading up to the big day, is not a happy time for many families. In many households these are times of stress and true duress. Single Moms are not looking forward to the big Toys R Us catalogue coming in the mail or having to hear the wants and wishes of their children. Dads who are out of work are pained to know that they cannot provide their families with a holiday meal or even simple necessities such as a winter coat.

So please do this for me.....imagine a holiday season where each of us do something for someone else. Imagine buying a toy or two and giving it to that toy drive at work. Imagine taking not just one but two mittens off of the mitten tree at your church. Imagine picking up that empty food box and filling it to overflowing so that some family you will never meet may have a hearty holiday meal. Imagine buying one coat (and they are reasonable at Walmart) for a child or preteen so that while they are waiting out in the cold for the bus, they are reminded of Jesus' love for them each day as they snuggle into their newest possession. Imagine volunteering somewhere doing something, anything for another family this holiday season so that we all remember what Christmas is really all about.

I needed to do this imagining for my own family as I started to listen to their holiday wish lists. It is very humbling to hear your children rattling off high end, pricey items that they KNOW Santa will be bringing. It was humbling to realize that Derek and I do not have to worry about the same holiday stresses that are just beginning for so many parents in our own community.

So as November unfolds, check back to see how the Story family is imagining how we can make a difference. We are going to do our best to be the hands and feet of Jesus this holiday season.

Here's to making a difference in the lives of others!!!

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