story fam

story fam

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The best day of the year (15 years to be exact!)

15 years ago Derek took me to this little tree farm so that we could cut down our very own Christmas tree and 15 years ago I was hooked!!! Each year brings the same routine: the search for the PERFECT Christmas tree...which in my humble opinion is both tall and very fat. Each year we walk around the tree farm (yes we did this even when the kids were tiny) REGARDLESS of the weather (and friends we have done this in all types of weather..from warm to freezing rain) on the day after Thanksgiving, and each year we do find the most perfect tree on the farm!! Our ventures have changed over the years. With kids brought new challenges (i.e. trying to push a double stroller in sandy soil over tractor ruts) but we have never lost the joy in this most special day. My favorite thing? This is a tradition that our kids love just as much as we do!!! From the tractor ride out into the back part of the farm to the roaming around for hours it is good memories in the making (well except for that year of freezing rain where Michael screamed the entire time...oh and last year when Emmy stuck a thorn in her finger and screamed too).

Enjoy the pictures below

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