story fam

story fam

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Festival of Lights Parade 2009

Ready for the fun to begin!
Success!!! Spots are saved!!

Our crew waiting for the parade to begin

Fiona with her Daddy
Grandma Story and Michael
Aunt Christine, Emmy, and Ella
Fiona, Derek, Michael and Grandpa Story

Grandpa and Grandma Story

Michael and Grandpa Story
Grandma Choo Choo and Patrick

Me, Christine, and Emmy

Peris with Uncle Tim

Still waiting
And waiting

Anita, Avery, and Addison


Tim, Tom and Derek

Aunt Christine, Emmy, Uncle Tim, and Ella

Ella and the Polar Bear float

Michael and the Batmobile float

Me in front of the Old Woman who lived in a shoe float....we both have so many children that we don't know what to do

Emmy and Rudolph-Santa was soon to follow!!

Awesome weather made for an awesome night at the Festival of Lights parade this year!!! It was a big crowd and that made for big fun!!!!! Grandma Choo Choo, Pat, Grandma and Grandpa Story, Uncle Tim, Aunt Christine, Uncle Tom, Aunt Anita, Addison, Avery, and our family were ALL in attendance!!!!!!! The parade never fails to give me that final push into the holiday season!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!

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