story fam

story fam

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Countdown

Well after 10 years of having a little person home with me the times they are a changin'. I know I know-I'll get used to it. I'll love it. The time will go by so fast while the kids are gone. I'll get so much done-or I'll get nothing done at all. I'll "find" myself again. I can watch tv/read/go shopping/experience this new life without kids during the day.

I'm still not excited. I am still left wondering what do I do now? Sure I will enjoy some down time, but overall I have to admit that I am really going to miss having kids here with me. I'm not trying to glorify my mothering experience -and there are no rose colored glasses here...but I didn't think I would struggle this much with Emmy going to kindergarten.

So in 4 days our lives will change. We will be a family of all school aged children. Homework and activites will keep us busy-but man am I looking forward to next summer already.


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