story fam

story fam

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


So this was just too good not to write about........

Students are back and Daddio has to walk from office to office during the day. During the summer these walks are uneventful and quiet but at the end of August things really do change on campus. Just imagine driving up to the dorm with your freshman daughter and catching a glimpse of a sign that reads..."Dad's, drop your freshman daughters off HERE", or "You honk, we drink"...oh, and it's only 8am. Now imagine that you are walking alone from your office and you see a group of guys cat calling off of their 4th story deck. It's funny you're thinking......until you hear.....

"S'up GRANDPA"...

Yes you read it right!!! Daddio was cut to his very core by a group of college boys who yelled off of that 4th story deck these very words that burned the reality of adulthood into his brain....S'up Grandpa. Sigh. I would HATE to think of what they would've yelled at me-or to be honest, I would hate to think that they wouldn't even have bothered to yell anything!!!!

Welcome back college students and thanks for the reminder that we aren't in your age group anymore:)

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