story fam

story fam

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ribbons and streamers and jiggly parts-oh my

Last night I was pampered. First I got to rest my eyes on the couch after dinner-this cloudy weather has zapped ANY energy that I had at the beginning of the summer! Then my littlest one (Emmy) decided to rub my back. It was so sweet!!! Before I knew it, the side of my t-shirt had revealed my side....and then the fun began. It sounded something like this:

"EEW, why do you have ribbons and streamers on your skin Mom? Do those hurt? Why aren't they tan like your other skin?" -asks Emmy

"Well honey, those are called stretch marks and I got them because I've been pregnant 4 times and have 5 kids (note that there is a bit of irritation in my tone)."-I calmly reply

"Disgusting"-says Emmy with a giggle

"Yes they are!"-I sigh

At this point I hear a muffled laugh from the kitchen-Derek/Daddio is on the computer thoroughly enjoy this exchange.

"You've got a jiggly part Mom."-Emmy then points out as she starts to knead the loose skin around my midde

"Please stop doing that."-I request-I mean come on!! Like I don't know that skin is flabby!!

More laughter and conversation about the skin ensues and then.......

"Mom, what is that in your hair?"-Emmy questions

"That is a gray hair."-Daddio gives his two sense

"No Dad, it's a piece of popcorn"-Emmy shrieks with laughter

And you know what, it really was a piece of popcorn. Know what else...I have no idea how it got there.


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