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story fam

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The easy peasey go to list (or what I eat all the time)

I've had several friends ask me what I eat.  Guys, it isn't exciting.  But it is good!!  Here is a "go to" list of what I tend to eat.  Now let me remind you of a few things here-I am NOT perfect!!  If you are adhering to any type of strict diet, please do research as to whether or not these food are for you.  I am unsure as to whether some of these foods are nightshades or would trouble a person with a digestive issue.  Even in the land of whole food eating/paleo/gluten free there is conflicting information about what is "best" to eat.  Second, I am not a doctor nor do I pretend to be.  I did this for myself.  If you are thinking about eating whole foods, whoot whoot to you-but I have no medical background outside of my own reading to back any of this up.  Lastly, I did NOT cheat on the whole 30 plan.  I seriously ate the same things frequently.  I don't mind doing that.  So when you look at this list you may think-that is gross!  seriously?  she really ate that?  why didn't she eat more of........insert whatever you want here.  I am learning my friends.  I am still trying to navigate the whole food world.

One last thing.  I am trying to remain grain free and really watch my dairy.  Over the past several days I have reintroduced dairy-bad idea!!  Most of the dairy has come in small doses via half in half in my coffee.  Last night I had less than 1/2 of a cup of ice cream and woke up this morning with a stomach ache.  Bad.  Obviously it has been way too much.  I love the fact that I can experiment with this for better health!!!  So I will be cutting out dairy for the next several days and see what happens.  

Kara's Go To List

eggs(I watch this because sometimes they upset my tummy)
lean ground beef
chicken, chicken, and more chicken
lean cuts of pork

sweet potatoes (I eat them for all 3 meals)
kale (anyone got any cause I sure love the kale chips!!!)
romaine lettuce (or whatever I can find at the Farmer's Market)
mushrooms (I'm trying)

blackberries/blueberries/red raspberries
honeydew melon

extra-virgin olive oil (to cook with and mixed with balsamic vinegar for a wicked good salad dressing)
coconut oil

avocado (I eat at least 1/2 to a whole with lunch and/or dinner)
cashews/almonds/pecans/macadamia nuts (I limit these because I think they might hurt my tummy-still trying to figure that one out)
coconut milk canned-WATCH OUT FOR HIDDEN SUGARS!!!!!
  ****Are you a coffee drinker missing your half and half?  This isn't that bad in coffee-seriously
Black olives-watch for added nitrates and crazy stuff-I get mine at Aldi's

You can also eat nut butters like almond butter, coconut butter but I never have.

If you want a full list of ideas, there are so many resources out there.  Here are two pins that might interest you.  

Again, if you really want to get a solid start, check out this link.  Scroll to the bottom for a list of free resources that give you a shopping list, a list of sneaky sugars, a pantry list and a variety of other stuff.  If you don't want to purchase a book, this is an excellent way to get started.

Happy eating!!!!

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