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story fam

Monday, June 24, 2013

Drive thru disaster.....

I am looking at yesterday as a life lesson.  A day that I am paying for in  

After a series of bad choices that began with a drive thru and ended with a baked good extravaganza (home made here in the house so I know exactly what the ingredients include) here are the results:

I went to bed feeling nauseated, slept terribly, woke up at 3am with a headache/stomach ache/runny nose.  Fell back asleep around 4am to wake again at 5 with said stomach ache and additional gastrointestinal delights.

I currently have a headache, feel jittery and irritable, and have the suspicion that more delights await.  I can tell that today I will have to be even more intentional with patience and grace.  I have not felt this way in over a month.  Can I blame this all on what I ate yesterday-ummm......absolutely.

I think this episode of bad food choices does prove that eating better obviously, truly, for real makes me feel better.  It isn't just about the weight loss, lack of bloating, and decreased muffin top-sure those are important.  But for me it really is about feeling better.  The whole mental/physical/emotional package.  Going to bed feeling appropriately tired from a day full of kids/activities/life.  Waking up feeling rested. Avoiding the mid-day slump where I am so tired that the downward spiral of fatigue/lack of patience/crabbiness crowd out the possibilities of joy.  Man do I see the slump in my future this afternoon.

Lesson learned over here!!  Today I am looking at my consequences as a learning experience.  I know exactly what I ate yesterday and instead of doing it again my goal is to remember how I am feeling right now in the future.  Now I know that I need to pack food for myself instead of getting to the point where I!!!  Because I know anything just won't do.  I know that I need to refocus and eliminate a few things (dairy being a huge red flag for me right now) to get myself back on track.  I do not want to feel like this again.  It was only a day of less than perfect eating choices-but I certainly do not want days of feeling like I am right now.  

If this is what a cookie bar (or three) and fast food can do to me, I can truthfully say that it isn't worth it.  

So while I am paying for my drive thru disaster today, I am re-inspired to return to what I know is best. Good, whole food that will give me energy instead of headaches/stomach aches/and the crabbies!!  

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