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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Confessions of a Sugar Mama and breakfast hater

I. ate. a. cupcake.  There.  We can all be friends now.  I have been truthful.  You may also be interested to know that I have had a few squares of good quality dark chocolate.

Yesterday was our 16th anniversary.  I wanted a special treat for Daddio and I to celebrate.  I went to this lovely local bakery(http://sugarmamabakery.netand got a mini cupcake to celebrate.  Here is the beauty of my confession-I ate the one cupcake that fit in the middle of my palm and it was almost TOO MUCH.  Yes my friends, it was so delish that it was enough!!!  What I love about the Whole 30 is that you have to figure out what your life is going to be like on day 31.  More on treats later.   I've made my confession.  Now on to breakfast.  

 I have had a lot of people ask-"What do you even eat?".  There is a formula for eating on the Whole 30 that you use at every meal.  At each meal you eat a good fat, protein, veggies, and occasionally fruit.  So today we begin with breakfast.  I hate breakfast.  Well at least at breakfast time.  I never, ever wake up hungry (which by the way is an indicator of a hormonal imbalance which I have!!!).  My breakfast on a good day would consist of rice chex cereal, or some banana bread, or my personal fave:  coffee with cream.  I usually just skipped breakfast and went right for coffee.  I got hungry around 10:00 but would push it until my lunch time at 11:30 (more on my lunch later).  What happened?  By about 9:00 I would be pretty jittery from all that coffee.  By 10:00 I would start to get a headache or feel super tired.  Maybe I would choke down a lara bar or dry cereal.  Or if it was a food day at school-well that would be a free for all gluten or not!!!

I will not lie.  Breakfast is very hard for me.  I am still not hungry all of the time-though I will report that I am starting to feel hungry when I wake up.  Regardless as to how I feel, within one hour of waking up I eat.  I do NOT drink any coffee prior to eating.  Since I am a creature of habit here are the two menus that I have stuck to:

Menu A:                                                      Menu B:
*fat-nuts                                                     *fat-black olives or 1/2 avocado
*protein-eggs                                             *protein-left over meat (chicken, burger)
*veggie-mixed                                           *veggie-sweet potato
Coffee with coconut milk on both menus AFTER I eat
*as a treat I will now use half and half when getting coffee out

Now to be completely honest, I had some major bloating and digestive issues for the first two weeks that I did this.  I am sure that my body was shocked by the veggies and protein.  Remember, I am a reformed I don't eat all day and then chow on my hidden candy stash kind of girl!!  Because of the bloating I did choose to eliminate protein from a lot of my breakfast meals.  I would then alter my menu "B" and eat a very large sweet potato with pecans or macadamia nuts.  I also limited my egg intake because I was beginning to wonder if eggs weren't a culprit for my stomach pains.  I also took digestive enzymes for the duration of the 30 days to help my belly.

Did I get bored?  No, I really didn't.  You can put a lot of cool vegetables in an egg scramble.  Pepper, salt, cumin, cilantro, cinnamon and mint are also really tasty ways to change the taste up.  Yes it does take a bit of effort to make breakfast before you start the day.  But if you eat a combo of the good fat/protein/veggies guess what-you won't be hungry until lunch time.  You won't want the lara bar/donut bar/baked good from the vending machine or in the commons area.  

Remember this-it takes time.  I still love sugar.  My body still craves sugar.  The worst time for me on the Whole 30 was the last week.  It was very strange.  I didn't even care about giving up the candy or sweets UNTIL I made chocolate chip cookies for the kids.  I am serious when I share with you-those cookies were talking. to. me!!  It was like I couldn't even sleep because I knew they were out in the kitchen.  I know.  It sounds sick.  

So I look at this as a process.  I am not going to go back to my eating habits prior to my Whole 30.   I had the cupcake and I've had a few squares of chocolate and that is okay.  Those "treats" were such a small piece of what I've eaten in the past 36 days.  When I am eating so many good things, I know that I can have something special and feel good about making the choice.  Because friends, what you put in your mouth is a choice.  Your choice.  That one little statement set me free.  I am beginning to have a much better relationship with what I eat and how I feel about my body.  Good food really is good.  

Next-going to a cookout.....what's a girl to eat???

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