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story fam

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Thursday..Happy Birthday to Me...

Happy Birthday to Me
"Happy 39th Birthday"-written by my hubby in the sand

Let the rain begin

Walking to Painter's Homemade Ice Cream
for my birthday lunch

On our evening walk we saw this sand beetle bug-this is for you Uncle Timmy!
All the kids said "Uncle Tim" at the same time!

After the rain storm, I got a special birthday rainbow-truly amazing. Ella said, "Mom! It's God's promise to never flood the earth again!" Yes my genius child that is exactly what He said.

Hanging at the indoor pool

Michael and I took a walk (just the 2 of us) and saw the lightening off in the distance. We didn't get very far because we both sort of got nervous.

What an awesome birthday! I woke up, took a walk, saw a gorgeous sunrise, hung out on the beach, ate ice cream for lunch, and then it rained-not my favorite part of the day.
We took a break and played card games, watched t.v., took naps-it was great!! I opened up my gifts and loved everything! I got a new Vera backpack, flip flop earrings, and a cool necklace with charms. My Mom sent her package and I got cook books, ME socks, and a journal.
After the storm (and the pretty rainbow) the sky cleared up and we went for a nice walk. Weather changes quickly and by the time we returned the skies were clouding up so we hit the inside pool.
Michael and I took a short walk and then it got pretty stormy again.
Friday we woke up early and it was really foggy and rainy so we decided to head out for home a day early. We packed up our stuff in record time and hit the road.
What a wonderful way to end the summer! We had such a fantastic time!!
Good bye Garden City Beach! We hope to come back next year.

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