story fam

story fam

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Ride

Fiona sets the tone for our journey to Georgia (little do we know that we'll need her humor!)

Our meal stop in Kentucky

Michael and I having some fun

This was our undoing! Google maps took us through the Smoky Mountain National
Park. What should've taken us 45 minutes to travel turned into a 2 1/2 hour
Michael after puking a long side the road

Almost 14 1/2 hours later and we roll into Applemountain Resort in Clarksville, Georgia
The first day into our journey started out great!! The kids had DS games that we rented and brand new library books to read. There was no complaining (yes we used strategic seating in the van) and we really had fun. After our lunch stop in Kentucky we broke out a travel treat from Grandma Choo Choo which also occupied quite a bit of time.
Then we got off of the beaten path....Google maps took us off of a normal road and on to a little two lane "highway" (and I use the word highway loosely!!!!!). At first it was charming and scenic, but after about 20 minutes Derek and I both agreed that we were in trouble. The twisty, curvy road was NOT making our travel easy, and we knew we couldn't turn back.
FINALLY we pulled off at a motorcycle pitstop and Derek got directions. We did have about an additional hour before we got on to a 4 lane road, but the guy did give us directions to a McDonalds.
All I will say about that McDonalds in North Carolina is this......when we were leaving, there was a guy selling pit bull puppies out of the back of his truck! The ma ma pit bull was sitting on the top of a tool box in the adjacent truck and didn't look very happy. That entertained Derek and I for miles!!
We did finally roll in to the time share around 11pm! The kids were SO good! They didn't complain at all!! It is always an adventure for the Story family!

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