story fam

story fam

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Pickle

Begging the winner for the pickle
Ella is our winner for 2009


False alarm....she didn't find it!

Fiona has been learning about family traditions at school, and she thought we should institute the pickle. Her friend Daniel's family hides a green pickle ornament on their tree and whomever finds it first gets to open up their presents first on Christmas morning. Derek, being the rockstar Daddio that he is, found the pickle ornament while shopping for a birthday present so the new tradition began this year. Without telling the kids, I hid the pickle in the downstairs tree; on the 23rd we shared with the kids that the pickle was on the tree. They had to put their hands behind their backs (Fiona's rules) and call out "pickle, pickle" (also all Fiona) when they found the ornament. It didn't take long for someone to find it-can you guess who?

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