story fam

story fam

Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday Spectacular 2009

Derek and Emmy
How cute is this picture??

My favorite dancer

PaPa and Grandma Pat

The girls

What a wonderful evening!

The set

A pre-show rose for my Rosie girl

My dates for the evening..

Derek and Emmy participated in the Holiday Spectacular again this year. Derek has continued the tradition of doing the Daddy/Daughter dance with each of the girls and this year it was Emmy's turn. If you know Emmy's story, then you know that the fact that she danced in this show was a bonus for us!! I was not disappointed-in fact from the minute she came out in her little red sleigh, tears were pouring down my cheeks (MUCH to the embarrassment of Peris who informed me that she wanted to move to a new seat due to my show of emotion). If you can, check out the video below to get a little taste of what the dance was like. Unfortunately there isn't any sound (no clue why) and it's pretty shakey-hey give me a break!! I was a wee bit emotional!!
Derek does such a fantastic job with the girls-these are memories that they will have forever!

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