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story fam

Monday, December 14, 2009


Just about ready to call our first round of guests-Cheri Lyn and Linda were number one
and Lori and I were number two
Helping our first guest of the day who had been waiting since 9 p.m. the night before! She was
so incredibly overwhelmed that I had to lead her through. It was the most humbling
experience of my life!

And other sheep I have which are not of this fold; them also I must bring, and they will hear my voice; and there will be one flock and one shepherd.
Matthew 10:16

I have waited to write about my experience with the Imagine distribution day because it was so emotionally and spiritually overwhelming for me. To say that my life was changed is an understatement. It had nothing to do with the massive amount of "stuff" that was distributed. It had everything to do with the people. I was priviledged to walk through (along with my amazing and loving partner Lori T.) seven guests. During our 30 minutes together I heard heartbreaking stories, but I also saw faces of hope and determination. These were people just like you and I who were in need of comfort, love, prayer, and tangible help to get through this time of the year. I sat and prayed with a woman who suffers from anxiety-it took EVERY fiber of her being to walk through the lines in front of hundreds of people-she had been waiting since 9pm the night before. I sat and prayed with a beautiful married couple who have 4 children of their own and custody of a 2 month old niece that they are choosing to raise as a daughter. I walked through a Mom who has opened her home to her adult children and her grandchildren so they are able to have a place to live. We were blessed to meet a Godly woman who rode the bus and then walked the rest of the way just to have gifts and food for her family. A beautiful single Mom blessed Lori and I by sharing her story with us. She works as an interpreter for mentally challenged hearing impaired adults and needed extra help-but in the process was introduced to another single Mom in the prayer room and is considering coming to a ministry at Eastview just for single Moms. Every guest we had was a perfect match!
Our last guest touched me deeply. A fantastic, Godly grandmother who just wanted a gift for her granddaughter this holiday season. Out of work and not able to find a job, this special woman cried as we walked up the ramp because she was so grateful. Listening to her story and seeing the love she had for her 3 year old child grandchild was amazing. As we prayed together this woman squeezed my hand and I thought of my own grandmother. How she shaped my life with her love and encouragement and how this same woman-a complete stranger that I will unfortunately never see again-brought a sense of peace to me in a quiet moment that was supposed to be about her.
So what was Imagine about? It was about me trying to reach out in Christ like love to people I may never see again-to let them know that beyond the holiday season there is a hope and joy that we can all share in. I pray that these people heard the voice of Jesus Christ on Saturday and I pray that I will see them again at Eastview so we can come together as brothers and sisters in Christ-one flock and one shepherd.
It isn't too late to reach out to someone in need this holiday season. If someone as imperfect as me can do it anyone can. I would encourage you, now more than ever, to take that step of faith and seek out a small way to bless someone. Take it from me-you will be the one receiving if you choose to give.
God bless you and your family this Christmas season.

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