story fam

story fam

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Party

Whew.....we made it!! 19 kids, 10-ish adults, and a dog all enjoyed Emmy's 5th birthday party extravaganza this Saturday. It was crazy but she had a blast which made it fun for us. 3 years ago I would not have believed it if someone would have told us that this very day would come-it was so wonderful to watch her running around with her friends and family. It is on days like this one that I want to stop everyone around me and ask, "Can you believe how far she has come?"! So as we cleaned up the messy table and icing off the floor I smiled (yes, I really did) because I am genuinely thrilled that we had all of those kids in our house and I am thrilled to experience that chaos. It was a long awaited finish to a race that was so hard to run. Sigh. But don't think for a second that when 2:30 hit and parents started to show up that I didn't sigh a sigh of relief. Hey, it was a lot of party for one family to take:)

PS-Props to Uncle Dave and both saved us!! Thank you for playing with the kids and manning the tattoo station:) You guys are awesome!!

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