story fam

story fam

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Graduation Day

I am going to brag on my husband.....Derek received his Masters of Science degree in Communications on Friday evening at ISU. I am so incredibly proud of him (more pictures are below). While I was lucky to start my Masters program when Derek and I were newly married, Derek entered this program 6 years ago-as a Father/husband/friend/full time employee at the University. During Dereks time at ISU working on his Masters degree we added 2 more children to the mix (remember they were all under the age of 4 when Emmy was born) , I started working part time, he was promoted and started teaching a didn't slow down and neither did he. As I sat up in the nose bleed seats I wondered if any of the other graduates worked as hard as Derek? Sacrificed as Derek did? Worked as hard and was as exhausted? I know none of the other Masters candidates had 5 children who were doing the wave as they walked across that stage.....and none of the candidates were showing their children what hard work, dedication and determination will get you in this life when you make the commitment to work hard.
Derek thank you for walking. Thank you for showing our children what a man of integrity, honor, and determination looks like. Thank you for reinforcing our future expectations-that our children will go to college and perhaps walk that very same stage as you did. I am so proud of you.
PS-when are you starting that Doctoral program????

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kate said...

Yea for the Story's! I'm so proud of Derek and you, Kara, for supporting him. You are such a wonderful family so filled with love, it's wonderful to see. Congratulations to Derek and a happy birthday too! (I would have written it on his FB page but he seems to have disappeared!)

Happy Days to you all!