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story fam

Saturday, July 21, 2012

A new challenge-the school lunch

I've been a bit lax with the blogging lately.  So I thought I would get up to speed with the goings on here.  Specifically, what does life post 30 day revolution look like.

As the summer has progressed, I have to admit that my will power and drive has worn down a bit.  Dude, it takes a lot of effort to make those pancakes/muffins/scrambled eggs every day!!  There are no Lucky charms in the house, but I did buy Cheerio's.  No pop tarts but I caved and got sour dough pretzels.  No microwave popcorn, but I did purchase a Stir Crazy (friends if you do not have one of these you NEED to get one!!!!).  No white bread, but I did purchase a few loaves of whole wheat from Sams.  I have become flexible in what I buy, but the kids have stopped asking for a lot of the junk which is AMAZING!!!!  I can actually walk down the cracker aisle and they go right to the triscuts instead of the cheese it's!!  Yes, I am still lamenting the gold fish crackers!!  I love them so.

Our meals are similar to what I prepared during our 30 day revolution.  I have brought back some old favorite recipe's and tweaked them.  Baked ziti with whole wheat noodles and homemade sauce, "easy" joes(which are homemade sloppy joes-delish) made with low sugar ketchup, and a lot of grilled chicken.  I did also follow through on my weekly rotation and it worked beautifully!!  The kids didn't even notice that the meals were the same.  I will be doing this for the school year on a monthly basis.  It just creates a wonderfully organized system of getting meals on the table.  It makes grocery shopping easier-and isn't that what we all really want?

I have a new challenge that I am going to gear up for now-the school lunch.  Those 3 little words that make me quiver, sigh, and wait...I feel a headache coming on!!  It is the worst part of the school year!!  Coming up with clever food items to put in that little lunch bag-man, it just drives me crazy!!!  I'll give you more insight on what it looks like to prepare a school lunch around here at a later date.  I just can't even go there right now-I haven't had enough coffee!!!  But I need some healthy choices. 

My other big news is that Mama got a job!!  After almost 13 years of being at home (well for 8 of said years I have worked various part time jobs but nothing full time) I am headed back to the land of full time work.  Am I excited-YES YES and YES again!!  Do I wonder what that is going to look like for our family?  Of course.  I have scoured pinterest for organization tips (who am I kidding....I scour pinterest for any tip!!), recipe's and other information to get myself geared up for this transition.  Can I still make healthy meals for my fam while throwing a job into the mix of all that returning to school brings (i.e. I become a glorified taxi driver to and from all after school activities)?  Why yes, I do believe that I can.  It is kind of sickening, but I operate well when busy.  The summer is my time to recharge, and by September I am ready to roll!!!

This is going to be awesome!!  So if you have any healthy lunch tips, let's start there.  And if you have any other tips about being a working mom share those too!!  I think if we all shared more about the things that make our lives easier, we would all be so much happier:)

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