story fam

story fam

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Show and Tell..Uncle Tim Style

Uncle Tim comes to show Emmy's kindergarten friends the recycling truck (I just happened to be subbing on this day!)
He is so good to her!!!!

Uncle Tim shows the crowd "the crusher"-this got a lot of ooohs and aahhhs!

Emmy got to get up in front of her class and announce that her Uncle Tim was coming for show and tell. She was so proud!! She also informed her class that they didn't need to ask me any questions because her Uncle Tim was the one who knew the answers...not her Mom.

The kids asking questions about what a landfill looks like, where the recycling goes after it is picked up, what can be recycled, etc. One of the little guys recognized Tim from his residential service pick up at home-it was so cute!!

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