story fam

story fam

Monday, May 31, 2010

Good fortune

We are fortunate! While many schools are facing significant staff and program cuts, we have the luxury of knowing that our kids will have the same awesome opportunities and teachers next fall!! It is painful to hear of programs that are falling by the wayside-many of them art based. There is always the question "Is art a valid part of the school curriculum? Is it necessary?" I think my 7 year old daughter can answer that question quite clearly. While going through the end of the school year "stuff", we came across this writing sample done by Fiona. The prompt was simply to "write about something you love". Here are her words:

My favorite thing is art. I like art because it gives me passion. It's something where I can exspereince (experience) my work. It's something where I can just give what I got and give it all my might and just get my creation out of me and on to the paper. Art is fun to me because I can just make funny, cool, weird, and crazy creations and it's realy (really) delightful to me.

So thank you Mrs. Mohrman for providing such funny, cool, weird, and crazy opportunities for the kids to just get "it" out of themselves and on to the paper! We are so incredibly blessed to be where we are and that is never far from my mind!

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