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story fam

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Easter Eggs the Natural Way

Pink dye from crushed and boiled red raspberries

Yellow from tumeric

Purple from crushed and boiled blueberries

Emmy and Aunt Christine using rubber bands to make a pattern on their eggs
This year Grandma Choo Choo introduced us to the art of dying eggs naturally. While it took more time than the traditional method of vingar and food coloring pellets, it was a really cool process that caused the kids to think about their senses. We deduced that some of the dye was too sticky, too stinky (chili powder and tumeric), and very vibrant. Here is what we used for each color:
Pink - Red raspberries (ours were frozen/crushed/then boiled)
Yellow - tumeric
Orange/brown - chili powder
Purple - blueberries (again these were frozen/crushed/boiled)
We agreed that the blueberries were really sticky and next year would need to be thinned out to a different consistancy. We also need to find a better container for the drying process-these eggs were very sticky and wet and needed more than the egg carton that I used.
If you are looking for a different way to color your eggs next year, I highly recommend it!!
Check out for directions.

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