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story fam

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dear Mom and Dad

Dear Mom and Dad,

I'd like it if you got me an iTouch. I really want one because then I could talk to my friends (though I wouldn't use it for cheatingon tests, or chitchatting about something me or my friends like to talk about). I put a lot of work into this letter, and even brainstormed 4 reasons. Want to hear them? Here they are:

The first reason I brainstormed is - You both might not know where I am, so you could call me on my iTouch and ask where I am (for example, if I wandered off in "IKEA", you really would know where I am). You will always know where I am if I have an iTouch!

The second reason I brainstormed - For emergency reasons (for example if Cat is babysitting us and if something else happend to Cat, I'd need to call you, or Cat could tell me her parents phone numbers so I could call one of them, or if I got a babysitting career and if I were sitting a little boy/girl, they might get sick so we'd have to go to a doctor or even a hospital and I could call her/his parents and let them know what's going on)!

The third reason I brainstormed - When I'm in third grade, I'll do circus, right?! Therefore, I might do a stay late act (like Accrodance) and if Ms. Kim or Mrs. Shook just told me, I would need to call you and let you know.

The final reason I brainstormed is - I could make good efforts to help around the house by : doing laundry, clean my bathroom, set up Henry's food dishes, take him on family walks, and help set up the table more. By doing all these jobs, I could pay you both back.

In conclusion, I believe I deserve and iTouch because: you will now where I am, emergency reasons, if I have a stay late act in circus, and helping around the house. I believe these reasons were true, and I hope you do too!!


(Yes friends this is a real letter written by my 8 year old! I had to share it because a) she is SOOO scary smart - which p.s. is not from her parents - and b) what the heck does an 8 year old need with an i Touch??????? Sorry Ella..the answer still is no!)

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Homerun Hatch Family News said...

My 7th grader wants a phone and we are still holding out till the end of 8th grade.

I almost broke down when she went with a dance company to North Carolina without us. I offered her my phone and as she was grabbing it, her dad said no she might lose it.

She did call twice from a friend's phone and of course I had the phone numbers of the three adults who went with them.