story fam

story fam

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Snowman and Co.

Our happy Snowman
Thank goodness for the Christmas wreath that never got thrown away! And YES, Derek made the corn cob pipe from scratch!!!! Are there any limits to what this super Dad can do??

Fiona and her snow "daughter" named....Emmy

Fiona introducing "snow" Emmy to the real Emmy (who thought this was HILARIOUS!)

Emmy hanging out with Emmy

Peris standing by her Snowman-she worked hard to get him just right!

Fiona "feeding" Emmy a cookie
Monday we spent part of the afternoon outside-it was time for ALL of us to venture out!! At our house, too much togetherness inside is not a good thing. I do think that our vacation times are always so much better when we are able to get outdoors-which is why I LOVE summer!!
We made a Snowman together while Fiona worked on her own snow daughter. It was decent out so we also went for a family walk around the neighborhood to check out other Snow families-there is one over on Doud that is pretty snazzy!!! The Snow Mom has a cape on-very stylish!!! I have to admit that I do love days at home without the schedules and routine. It is nice to just have a day to sleep in, rest, and recover from the routine that the school year necessitates.
How many days until summer vacation?

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