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story fam

Friday, October 24, 2008

Moms Rockin' Readers

Well here is a solution to those morning time blues. I don't know about you, but I was not happy with the tone of our mornings at all!! After yelling my kids out the door on Wednesday I decided that something had to give!!! To combat the morning grouchies our family has formed a morning book club. Here is how it worked:

I went to Borders and picked up 4 copies of Harry Potter and the Sorceres Stone (a book the older kids have wanted to read). I came home and made special invitations that invited each family member to meet me downstairs the next morning for our first meeting. The invite went a bit like this:

You are Cordially invited to join the
Mom's Rocking Readers Book Club
Tomorrow Morning
At 7:20 a.m.
Please meet me downstairs to find out what book we will be reading..In order for
you to attend you MUST have the following done:
backback ready with ALL supplies (lunch, recorder, homework, etc.)
teeth and hair brushed
Dressed (including shoes, socks, coat)
Bed made
Here's a clue about the book....We will be reading about a boy who wears glasses..can you guess what the book is??
Mom-President of Mom's Rocking Readers
Derek gave each child their sealed envelope at dinner and they each made a guess about what we would be reading. Yesterday the kids were really excited and most importantly were ready by 7:20 for the start of our first book club. We talked about how it was voluntary to attend and how only good attitudes were allowed. The kids were stoked when I pulled the books out and EVERYONE had a turn reading. It was a smashing success!!! Thank you Lord for planting the idea!!!
I am happy to report that yesterday afternoon the kids really wanted to read more-we held out until this morning and it was a success again-YEA!!! We decided that tonight we would hold another meeting after dinner. The kids really want to read more as Albus Dumbledore is now on the scene........
What a wonderful way to send the kids off to school-after spending some good quality time together they leave with a smile and I feel great as well.


Jess said...

That is such an awesome idea! Way to go kids! I'm so proud of your good behavior and your successful reading! I can't wait to hear all about Harry Potter! Keep up the good work and enjoy your wonderful time together as a family!

Amanduh said...

What a great idea! I will have to keep this in mind. Justyn is such a morning person, so far he has trouble getting us out of bed in the morning, LOL.

Erin Abrahams said...

That is so awesome to read Harry Potter as a family (invite and all)! Wow, that's definitely a benefit of having kids around the same age.