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story fam

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lesson in Faith

Today Emmy and I had a playdate at our house with her little preschool pals. I entertained the Moms and Emmy entertained: Adrian, Zeke, Ezra (Adrians twin brothers), Natalie, Will (Natalies brother), and Matthew and Tyler (twins in the preschool). We all had a really good time hanging out. The kids ate, played, and made a huge mess-it was GREAT!!

So why is this a lesson in faith? Today I was reminded of how faith is defined as believing when we cannot see. Even when life was difficult with Emmy, I was able to remain faithful to Gods promise that He had a plan for her. I held on to that faith and prayed that as Emmy got older she would become social-that she would make friends and enjoy the relationships that our other kids have had with their friends. Today that promise was fulfilled!! It was fulfilled in her laughter, her jokes, the mess (and the kids did shove an entire bowl of popcorn/cheese balls/and a bottle of water down our kitchen register vent), and the running around. While the Moms were chatting I kept thinking this is what life is all about. Knowing that God does come through on all of his promises. That prayer, while it may take much longer than we want to materialize, does really work. That wading through the food on my floor is a blessing that many wouldn't understand.

My baby has friends!! Oh my goodness that overwhelms me in a way that I cannot explain. I watched her run around and thought thank you Lord for this moment. Thank you for showing me that miracles do happen today-that if we open up our eyes we can see that our God does still listen. That he is ready and willing. That if we reach out and open our hearts he is waiting to scoop us up and hold our hands.

Gosh this was a good day. While those Moms were mortified as I scooped handfulls of food out of the floor vent I kept thinking if you only knew how thrilled I am to be cleaning up this mess-that it is a gift to have these kids here. That one year ago I cried because I wondered if Emmy would ever have a friend. And here she is today with a beautiful smile on her face (covered in cheese balls) telling me that she loves her friends and that they love her.

Once again I stand cannot look at this wonderful little girl without seeing the hand of God right before your eyes.

God is good. All the time. And all the time. God is good.

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