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story fam

Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Break-Day One

The Spotted Cow

To officially kick off Spring Break 2012, we decided to head over to Peoria for our annual food tour. We had a master plan to hit our local favorites for some seriously awesome junk food!!!
As we pulled into the Ice Cream Shack parking lot, we noticed that the sign said....closed!!! The Shack isn't even opened for the season until March 14th!! After some serious devastation (on my part that is-I had my heart set on a freight train!!!!!), we decided to press on to our next destination-Trefzger's Bakery. I had lemon tarts, thumbprint cookies, and danish on my brain!! As we slowed down to turn into the parking lot we noticed that the interior of the bakery looked awfully dark!!! Derek quickly read the hours of business which do not include Sunday and Monday-WHAT!?! Check that off.
What to do with a car full of disappointed kids and parents? We headed to The Spotted Cow for some yummy homemade ice cream-yes, they were open and no we were not disappointed!! I revisited those days of long ago and enjoyed a moo-nuer sundae!! This consists of turtle ice cream, a lot of hot fudge, whipped cream, chopped snickers candy bard, and chopped nuts-yes it was heaven!!!
Post ice cream we decided to introduce our kids to some culture and we headed down to the UFS (unclaimed freight) store where we found many treasures for cheap!! We actually only purchased a new garden flag and holder, but we could've gone crazy with all of the trinkets that were found!!
The weather is gorgeous so we are enjoying this day!!
What a great way to kick off a much needed break!!

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