story fam

story fam

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gingerbread Houses with Grandma Choo Choo

What has quickly become a favorite holiday tradition, we got together for an afternoon of fun to create our gingerbread masterpieces!! With loads of candy and ideas, each builder received a base, graham crackers, bowls of cement (royal icing), and were cut loose to begin. It is fun to see the kids become more and more independent in their desire to build their OWN projects. What a great afternoon!!


Michael built his own "Santa's toy assembly line" this year

I circulated as a helper-Addison built an awesome gingerbread land with LOTS of green sprinkles!!

Uncle Tom and Oliver

Ella felt bad and allowed her Dad to "work" with her-she is so me and wanted this to be an independant project!! We ladies just aren't in to group work!!

Peris made a mini-city

Emmy snatched Aunt Christine up as her partner again-they make a great pair

Avery made a "Hello Kitty" land, and Fiona made a giant building

Working hard in the kitchen-in the background you can see the Mommies chatting-that is really what the grown up's (well the grown up Moms) did:)

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