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story fam

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy 8th Birthday

Happy birthday morning!!

"Po"-the panda pillow pet

A book light

The favorite gift!! A BIG chocolate bar!

Tie dye soccer socks for spring

DS art game
This past weekend Fiona celebrated her 8th birthday and I was left wondering (seriously) where has the time gone? I cannot wrap my brain around her being 8 for some reason.
I still remember the day she was born-I had gone to an appointment and Dr. Wellman sent me over to the labor floor to be monitored. I stopped in the waiting area at OSF and ran into Melissa Trauner who excitedly asked if I was going to deliver that day. I remember saying something witty while thinking-sister, I'm not ready for this baby to be here!! Just a few hours later our beautiful Fiona was born to a waiting room full of family (she was the first child we had here in my home town)-I also still remember waking up in the recovery room to a full house and thinking man I need to vomit!!! I have fond memories of that day-being surrounded by our closest friends from church and our family. Holding her for the first time-my tiny bundle that mewed like a little kitten.
Fiona I pray that you will continue to be the unique little girl that God has created you to be. I pray that your sense of self will blossom as you enter this new year full of promise. You are truly a gentle and wise little soul who brings me tremendous joy each and every day.
Your daily "I love you Mom" means more to me than you will ever begin to know.
Happy birthday curly girlie.
I love you

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