story fam

story fam

Sunday, January 2, 2011

What did we accomplish in 2010??

As we start 2011, I wanted to look back and see what we accomplished in the year 2010. We are so fortunate and had so many prayers answered!!! First, we did great on our bucket list from last year!! We only had one request that we didn't get to for Peris-painting pottery. Thankfully you will see this on our 2011 list and we have made it a priority!!!

There were several things that weighed heavily on our hearts this past year. We waited to see if Michael would get into Metcalf, learned that Aunt Karen was diagnosed with cancer, lost several dear friends to cancer. Many of these mountains were moved in God's perfect timing-but the waiting was so hard!!

Michael did get in to Metcalf which has changed our lives!
Aunt Karen was pronouced cancer free in November (a prayer that we all prayed for daily-the kids especially)
We took a wonderful vacation in August
Summer finances were covered with jobs that came at the right time
Tim and Christine celebrated the birth of their son Oliver (also a prayer that was answered after 2+ years)
We became involved with a wonderful small group

So many things that I can't even begin to list them all. We are still learning and growing-meeting challenges that come as best as we can. Trying to look at the mountain maker rather than trying to make the mountain move on our own strength.

Here is to a wonderful 2011!!!!

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