story fam

story fam

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Talbott's Tree Farm

Derek forgot the saw

Riding the tractor

The gang starting the tree search

Tree number one

For the past 16 years Derek and I have gone to Talbott's Tree Farm to pick out our perfect tree for the holiday season. From the very beginning this adventure includes hours of trekking around to make sure that this perfect tree, a special combination of tall and fat, is found-regardless of weather we're talking at least an hour here. As time has gone by, we've added several little people to our family and we've kept this as our most precious tradition. I love that the kids know that every year on the day after Thanksgiving we will load up in the van and head out-yes there are groans and Emmy makes sure to point out that she doesn't particularly like the walking part-BUT when we get there it is the official start to our holiday festivities.

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