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story fam

Friday, October 22, 2010

Michael and Ella turn 9

We celebrated Michael and Ella's birthday morning in our traditional style: first they walked out of their bedrooms through birthday streamers and then it was off to the living room for presents! For breakfast they dined on Krispy Kreme donuts-I'm not sure their teachers appreciated the early morning sugar rush:)
I love how they are holding hands.
One of my most precious memories of Michael and Ella is from when I was pregnant. My Grandmother would go on and on about how special they were and how God just didn't want to send one alone. I have always thought of Ella as that angel baby who wanted to wait and come with her brother.


Wii Wipeout (this really is a hilarious game)

This year in lieu of a friend birthday party and gifts, Ella requested a special trip to the American Girl store in Chicago. We will be going on October 23rd-just Ella, her Dad, and I for a special day of shopping and the big treat: lunch. The paper that she is holding is the menu (and it's pretty fantastic) that we gave her so she had something to open up.

Just a little treat for her to open on her actual birthday-the good gifts are yet to come:)

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