story fam

story fam

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Summer Tour of Peoria 2010

First stop...Trefzger's Bakery (BEST cookies and lemon tarts around!)

Second stop...Wee Tee minigolf

Third stop...the Riverfront

Checking out the Spirit of Peoria
Derek took the day off of work and we took a Story Family fieldtrip over to Peoria. We hit our favorite spots and had a really fun afternoon. This field trip is kicking off the renewal of our family time. We are recommitting to have a special family time once a week where we are going to come together for a fun (low cost) activity, some character building, and some time with God. Unfortunately with school and the busyness of life, this time had slipped away from us-so we are reclaiming what is really important-time for us to come together as a family doing fun things and learning about life from God's point of view.
Note: the food was great! minigolfing? probably not something we will revisit for awhile:)

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