story fam

story fam

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Settling In

Summer in underway here at the Story house. We've even had a few days of sun!! Hooray!! Our schedule has slowed down significantly which is wonderful. I do not enjoy those rushed mornings which lead into afternoons of homework/dinner/bath/bed. The kids have a new LATE bedtime and have been sleeping in which is awesome, our days have been full but easy and we are all settling in to the summer routine. It took about a week of adjustment for everyone. Having a lot of free time is not something that comes easy once you are used to so much structure. And even though we use a picture schedule so the kids can see what our day holds, it just isn't the same.
Monday swimming lessons begin (which are every day) and then Fiona is going to start soccer at the end of June. We are participating in both reading programs and have some mini field trips planned to get us out and about. It is the perfect pace for us right now. Before we know it August will be here and the hectic schedule will begin again. Have I mentioned that my baby will be going off to big girl school? Sigh. Can't even go there yet. I'm working up to the first day of school-which, by the way, happens to be August 17th. YES, Derek is taking the day off.

Gosh I love the summer!!!

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